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About The Elemental Spread

The elemental spread is a four card or rune spread used to represent the elements of the questioner's life.

Earth concerns practical matters such as money and finances, health, home life, possessions and the questioner's material situation. It may indicate values and self-esteem, duties, responsibilities, and career path.

Air concerns communication, thoughts and ideas, attitudes and beliefs. It indicates how we relate to partners, friends and acquaintances. It may indicate troubles, loss, quarrels, or what to expect from correspondence and legal proceedings.

Fire concerns our intentions, desires, drive and energy. It can indicate romantic associations, family relationships, or holiday plans. It may also represent intuition, psychic abilities, or creative endeavours. It may also concern business endeavours, particularly entrepreneurial and creative projects.

Water concerns emotions and emotional issues, love, relationships, marriages, and pleasure. It indicates the emotional state of being, and shows areas that are most likely to evoke an emotional response.

How the questioner chooses to interpret their reading will help to give them insight into the elemental areas of their life.

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