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About The Celtic Cross Spread

The Celtic cross spread is a spread of ten tarot cards or occasionally runes, laid out in a cross and stave or staff design, with the two cards or runes central to the cross crossing each other. It is the most popular and well-known tarot spread, and is used to give an in-depth understanding of the questioner and their current situation. This spread works well when used to answer clear questions.

The cards or runes in the centre of the cross are, the present, which is crossed by the immediate challenge facing the questioner. Next are the past and the future to either side. Below represents the root cause in the past or the subconscious. Above represents the best future outcome, the questioner's goal or aspiration. Moving onto the stave, reading from bottom to top, the bottom card can represent the questioner's self or self-perception, factors affecting the situation, or advice for the questioner. The next from bottom usually represents the questioner's environment or external factors affecting the situation. The penultimate card or rune represents the questioner's hopes and fears, or possible guidance from the cards. The final card at the top of the stave represents the outcome of the situation.

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